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Yamaha serial and model number in dots

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I am returning to the sax after a number of years and have limited knowledge. I have spent hours on this website trying to learn, but I cannot find this little question discussed. I am thinking of purchasing an intermediate Yamaha alto sax, however, the model/serial number/made in usa are engraved using a series of dots rather than a solid line. Most/all others I have seen use a solid line for this information. Does the use of dots suggest anything I should know before purchasing? Everything else about this instrument looks like normal Yamaha to me. Thanks for any help! I really enjoy this website.
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Sorry, that is clearly my mistake. It does say made in Japan. But rather than a smooth line, the information appears to have been made with what I would call dots. Everything else is typical Yamaha as far as I can tell.
There is a model on eBay currently for sale with a similar look. This is not the horn I am looking at purchasing but it is the only other time, in my limited experience, that I have seen the information this way.
I am so sorry I do not know how to post this as a live link.
The purchase I am considering is local but a private party.
The sax I am considering does say "MADE IN JAPAN." That was my mistake. I found it on Craigslist and so is local but a private party. See the link posted in a previous reply to find a similar look now on eBay. This is not the sax I am interested in, but looking at the pic of the serial number/model, the look is similar to the one I am considering. The letters/numbers are a series of dots rather than a solid line.
Thanks for your reply. I am worried that it might be a fake, too. The one I am looking at comes with the standard Yamaha case for the model. I hope those with experience will chime in as well.
Attaching the direct link to the photo does not work so please click and look for photo example. Thanks.
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