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Yamaha serial and model number in dots

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I am returning to the sax after a number of years and have limited knowledge. I have spent hours on this website trying to learn, but I cannot find this little question discussed. I am thinking of purchasing an intermediate Yamaha alto sax, however, the model/serial number/made in usa are engraved using a series of dots rather than a solid line. Most/all others I have seen use a solid line for this information. Does the use of dots suggest anything I should know before purchasing? Everything else about this instrument looks like normal Yamaha to me. Thanks for any help! I really enjoy this website.
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Are you sure thats a Yamaha?
Never heard of this before, Yamaha are usually stamped and also never heard of them being made in the USA.
Ref the one in the eBay ad,
The serial number etc is very unlike yamaha standards. I have owned 5 over 20 years and seen many others but never seen this.
The rest of the sax looks authentic enough from the pics.
It may be a bit long winded but in my experience you do get a reply from yamaha if you email them. That may give you piece of mind but unless you are sure best not buy.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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