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Zimberoff CV Tenor in silver

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Just got one of these with a 30M last week. No Dukoff or BD or even a tip size. Just Zimberoff Hollywood on the shank, 296 serial on the shank and a CV on the barrel. PLays nice, very dark, similar to my New York Tone Master. It has an interesting baffle design where the halves come together.

This is open to .80. Hate to mess with it and open it up.

Any thoughts?
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That kind of modification can be done though it has it's limits on what it can do for the tip opening - you have to consider the initial condition of the lay and the final curve off the table and blending up to the original tip, but for a piece like that, I say sell it as is for really really good money on eBay (rarity hype is called for with your Zimberhoff) and pick up a Tonemaster to be fussed with instead.

I'd be happy to take a look at it for you to assess what could be done, but I'll probably still recommend going for the dough...
Mortimer Duke is advising his clients to sell.
Post it for sale here on SOTW for $1800 or best offer.

Then take the best offer you get and go to eBay with a BIN twice that.:)
I think $1000 on eBay is possible - especially given the weak $USD. My $1800 comment was more a cynical commentary on SOTW low-balling and general wolvery.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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