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Hi all,
First post, so be gentle.
I have a '46 king zephyr who's original case was pretty sad and sorry.

I've picked up a hiscox pro II case (and it is a lovely bit of kit) for my horn and it is a fairly tight fit especially compared to the old king wooden box!

Basically, the horn has to sit bell up a little but or the RH palm keys would depress when the lid is closed. With the bell sitting up and the body of the sax lower in the case the keys clear the case lid, but the thick padding on the bell area means the case needs a gentle press to close. Whilst the horn doesn't appear to be getting squashed, and there is a fair bit of give in the soft padding that holds the instrument in place, I am curious.... Is it usual for a new Hiscox :line0:case to have such a snug fit?

Thanks in advance

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