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I think I enjoy buying mystery horns rather than buying known quality horns. Found this alto on eBay branded Zaz on the bell and stamped made in Holland underneath the serial number below the right thumb hook. The only other hits I got from searching Zaz were a tenor, the Zaz "Tonga." In true Dutch heritage it looks to me (as does the "Tonga") to be a stencil of Amati or Keilwerth, and the bell to body brace reminds me of Schenkelaars. It has 2 serial numbers, 177 etched above 3311, and 311 on the neck. It has rolled tone holes, a right hand trill g# and the neck tenon has four slots and the tenon screw is actually on a clamp separate from the horn (but I have seen that on other saxes too). My guess is it is some sort of rebranded Toneking or Concord Artist but I was hoping to get some other opinions/insight to what this horn is all about. Thanks!!

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