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Excuse my enthusiasm, but this piece is really exceptional on my Selmer horn.

Been playing on a 2007 Zagar Traditional Bronze #7 Tenor Mouthpiece for a few months now, and I have to say a big WOW.

I've owned and tried quite a few mouthpieces and this one is special.

The main thing is the sound, a unique full rich lush sound.

Big big low end, really easy to get that low Bb. No problem getting through the Altissimo harmonics, plus it rolls off the edge up there. It's very even throughout the range of the horn and easy to play. It is a larger chamber than I'm used to so I've got to work on reserving a little more air to get through long phrases, but not too bad. You can play sub-tones on it yet it does not quit on you when you try to overblow it.

When miked it took on loud electric situations with balls. If you want a bright edgy mouthpiece this isn't it. But it has enough variety of harmonics in the tone to work well amplified along with Electric Guitars. It's also easy enough to control to play solo classical on it.

It's really something special and worth a try.

SMS from Bellingham, WA
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