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yes i agree and i don't say that often about new vintage mouthpiece coppies.

I'm playing a SBB just because i like "no USA" links instead of two lines.
The SBB is a beautiful cross of no USA sound and a vintage NY Tonemaster feel.

These Zagar pieces really do make hunting for a vintage metal links a pointless exercise.

especially since most of the links on ebay have been worked over so much the bite plate is showing through and they still go for major bucks.

in some ways the Zagar is even better than the best vintage links.
like you said the color is there and the response is even better than the best link.

gotta have an older vibrating horn like you said for the overtones to come out.

tried Zagar on some newer more dead horns and they were killed and you couldn't hear the lovely color.
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