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Zagar SBB Tenor Mouthpiece is the real deal

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Just made the switch to a Zagar SBB mouthpiece. The members of this forum that speak of David's professionalism and service all speak the truth. What a pleasure to find someone that takes so much pride in his product and has the knowledge to back it up.

I recently had an overhaul on my tenor and tested out a few of the high end mouthpieces currently available in the USA. I wasnt really looking for a new mouthpiece but figured while I was in the shop I would check out some of the latest models. I walked out of the shop with my same old mouthpiece which worked better for me than anything I tested.

As I was searching threads on SOTW I came a cross a thread on Zagar mouthpieces. It peaked my interest in his mouthpieces and two weeks later I am so happy I discovered him.

I have been playing the saxophone for 30 years and can tell you that the Zagar SBB is the real deal. It is a free blowing mouthpiece that lets your instrument truely speak. The hardest decission was which one of the two mouthpieces I tested I should keep. Through the whole trial period, David was available 100% to offer advice and listen to the feedback I was providing. The mouthpiece is so versatile. I highly recommend contacting David Zagar if you are searching or curious about his mouthpieces. I will be testing his new alto pieces next!
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Yeah, he's the guy, not to mention he's always willing to call you to wherever country in the world you live, and spend an hour talking to you and telling you some of his wisdom about mpcs, and also he has a very cute aussie accent...
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