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YTS-82Z 02 vs 03 / some light in the darkness pls

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Hi all,

Doing some desk research, I'm trying to understand what are the technical differences between the YTS-82Z 02 and the 03. I read a couple of dealer descriptions but I can't find any differences.

Could someone summarize in few words.

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I think the only main difference between the two is that Yamaha has used a different brand of pads in the iii
I spoke to a representative at Yamaha USA, and he stated there is no generation three 82Z in the U.S. He said the Yamaha transitioned pads to some specialty pad type on their "Custom" horns, but everything else remains the same. Is this just an Australian thing or is the U.S. just delayed in the process--I don't know.
there aint no Australian thing - far from it - as stated, its just got different brand pads (Pizoni) so i reckon it shouldn't be worthy of calling it 3rd generation, i'm not sure either.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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