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I've been playing my YTS-62 for 7 years now and have grown very comfortable with the mechanics and feel of that particular horn. I'm finally looking into investing into my own alto but I want a similar warm and rich sound out of it.

I have heard excellent reviews on the YAS-62 and have been looking into playing one to test it out. In addition to the warmth of sound I want out of the alto, I also want an easy sounding lower register and a very smooth upper register (nothing squeely or annoying).

With this being said, I know so much can be remedied with a switch of a mouthpiece, and it might be there that I find the sound I want.


1. Do the YTS and the YAS handle similarly to each other?

2. Does the YAS (general thought) have the same sound qualities I'm looking for in an alto?

3. What kind of mouthpiece could I generate a warm/smooth sound with? Is anyone familiar with the Rousseau mouthpieces? I've played on a 4 tip and had a great time with it.

Thanks guys! :mrgreen:
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