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Graham is the greatest

shortwhite said:
Doug Graham - University of South Carolina - This guy just pushed the right buttons to turn my young butt around and to get serious about being a musician. Doug was Chris Potter's teacher for many years.
I too owe most of my music career to this man. Doug Graham taught me how to work on music for the rest of my life. He really teaches you how to practice!!!!
(as a side note he didn't really teach Chris Potter. Doug said that in Chris's 3rd lesson Chris played something so incredible he had to ask him how he was doing it. Lesson ended then. Bryson Borgstet was his first teacher and probably the best Jazz guy in town at that time.
I was there during that time. Chris was influenced by John Emchee, Dick Goodwin, Doug Graham, Bryson Borgstett, Roger Pemberton and a host of other musicians in that great community. But, He learned at a rate that was not human. At 12 he would listen to a Cannanball record for the first time over the weekend and come back playing like him on Monday. You had to be there to believe it. I'm still trying to get to his 12 year old level and I'm 43.
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