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I am 65 years old, been playing for 50 of those, and yet still feel like a teenaged jazz fan when I hear Eric Dolphy. Since switching to alto about 12 years ago I have looked out for a decent Personaline, while playing the usual assortment of other pieces. I've been disappointed more than once, and have heard the sometimes-conflicting reports on what chamber size Dolphy played, and also what chamber sizes Personaline came in. But what the hell, I figured I'd buy some and try 'em because so much of what I have heard repeated (even here) with Authority has turned out to be of questionable provenance. Which is fine, but too often something is theorized and then becomes "fact" in the re-telling.

Did Dolphy customize his? Use a small chamber (which I doubt)? Who knows? I've bought a few, returned or sold 'em because they just didn't sound good. However...recently found an L4 on Ebay at a reasonable price and this thing blows (in a good way). Fat, loud, bright; I ain't Dolphy, but I can hear what he heard in these pieces.

And please I don't need the lecture on "it ain't the equipment," because if it wasn't at least the equipment in large part, we would all be playing late-model Vitos and plastic beginner's mouthpieces. I've been recording since the late '80s and I can hear the difference between horns, mouthpieces, reeds.

And now I can hear the difference between different Personalines. L4 for me, but who knows, the next L4 may suck. But this one, a rarity for older mouthpieces, plays like a newly customized thing. I am very happy about it.
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