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I really enjoyed your performance. You have a great tone that suits well to this song. I'll throw out a few ideas as far as where I think you could improve, but this is really an excellent recording.

Some of the articulations on certain notes I feel are a bit too heavy. Try lightening up a little bit. Remember the emotion behind the music, when you over-attack you detract from that. For the most part I like your phrase endings, much better than the starting articulations, but still keep an eye on them. Some seem to end very smoothly, whereas others are a little more rough.

When cruising up into the upper octave, make sure you maintain full control. In some places, it feels like you're just happy to be hitting the pitches, and I know that's not the case, you're too good for it. Just be conscious of your sound in all octaves and try to make the notes sound similar, even on different octaves. Sort of hard to explain. A lighter articulation may also help.

Tempo felt solid. Minor tuning issues, but nothing to worry too much about. If it were with piano, they'd be more noticeable, but I have a feeling that if there was piano then you'd most likely fix them yourself.

Really, you did a tremendous job and it's a recording you should be proud of!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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