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Well, this is pretty commonplace, doesn't cause any problems and can be seen to a far greater degree on other instruments. I bought this alto back in 2003 and this is the only significant non-issue with it (a non-issue as it had been corrected at the time it was built) - it's purely cosmetic that the LH1 cup arm isn't exactly parallel with the other LH main action cup arms and hardly worth making a song and dance about, but I thought I'd share it with you all anyway (although the distortion in the photograph cancels it out!).

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I recently overhauled a late SBA tenor where the LH1 cup arm had also been bent upwards so the pad cup was concentric with the tonehole. Previous to that I overhauled an early silver plated MkVI where the LH1 cup arm was bent upwards but also the bis key was bent down and the bis key pearl holder had a flat filed on the top side so it didn't catch the LH1 pearl.

Have a look at an assortment of different saxes and you'll notice they will all have keys bent to some degree by the maker to correct slight misalignments - some more than others - but they have been corrected so they work instead of being ignored.

That's what quality control is all about.
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