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Yardbird suite E flat HURRY!!

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Hey I know I spend too much time here requesting stuff, does anyone have yardbird suite in e flat? I ordered the abersoft vol. 6 charlie parker book, but it wont be here in time to learn the song.

SO If anyone has the part could you please email it to me.
[email protected]

thank you sooo much.
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I don't mean to be pedantic or sound like a jerk, but seriously, here's the fastest and best way to really learn Yardbird Suite:

1. Go on itunes and buy the tune
2. Spend tonight figuring it out on your horn
3. Play it a zillion times

Not only will you be better prepared to play the tune (since you'll have it memorized AURALLY and therefore have a more intimate, musical understanding of it), you'll be a better jazz musician for it. And if it comes down to it, you can just write it out after that, make your own lead sheet that might actually be more accurate than the Aebersold or Real Book.

That being said, sorry, I don't have the sheet music on me right now. I apologize if this post is, therefore, technically off-topic.

I helped you out in a pinch (check your Email), but we do not allow sharing of copyrighted materials on the forum proper. I am therefore closing this thread.
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