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Yano Saori sax chick

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Listen to the lick starting 2:03.

This one's cool!
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What is she playing? An old Conn?
BobbyC said:
What is she playing? An old Conn?
Yeah, A 6M
She plays the Charlie Parker Solo note for note here... and I have to say it's damn good.

Donna Lee
actually a 26M.(silver key-touches)
and she really is GREAT in every aspect of her playing,
Anybody knows her mouthpiece (it's a Brilhart) but wich model, opening tip ???
they took that clip down...something about copyright infringement....but there are plenty of others on there.

She's pretty darn good....huh...does she ever come stateside ?
The Elders tell of a boat that came in the night to our village full of pale faces with squinty eyes. Several of our warriors left with them never to be seen again. I wonder if we are related...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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