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I think I got it narrowed down between these two. I haven't played in seven years, but I used to be (or maybe my memory is bad) pretty decent on bari. Current funds preclude me from going back to bari, and I would like something a bit easier on the spine ;). Never picked up tenor in my life, so it'll be like going from an F-14 to an F-16. Same concepts, different beast. Played alto before bari (duh?) and don't want to go back. The joke used to be that I had enough air to bend the alto straight if I pushed it...

Obviously the Yani is the safer bet, but the T902 is roughly $1000 more than the "Vintage Bare Brass" Barone model that I'm considering. Resale value is a moot point. I'll have this horn for the rest of my life (assuming it doesn't fall apart).

So a few questions:
1. Does the T902 really darken up the sound of the T901 series, or is this marketing hype?
2. How does the sound of the Barone compare against the Yani? Does the bore more resemble a Keilwerth or a Yamaha?
3. (probably where I should have started) Is the Yani really worth $1000 more than the Barone?

My main use is going to be hobby work and maybe joining a local big band, but I'd like a nice horn that removes obstacles and lets me really express myself. I remember my Conn Alto used to have horrible leaks (several trips to the shop failed to correct this) and wouldn't speak regardless of MPC and reed set up. I want to avoid that!

Any other horns I should be considering? I have a budget of roughly 2.5k, but less is more. I'm not willing to spend any more than the T-902, but I am willing to spend less on a comparable and suitable horn. I'm worried that a vintage model would be hit or miss, but would consider a vintage horn in good playing condition as well (cosmetics be damned!).

Thanks for all the help. I'm glad to be back on the instrument after leaving it many years ago. I had the choice of playing jazz saxophone or lacrosse in college. I chose the former and (several injuries later) I regret that. No way I could have done both while in a very challenging engineering major. Now that I've matured and can't lift anything heavier than 20lbs, I'm looking forward to coming back to the art.

Thanks again, and I eagerly await your responses!
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