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Hi, I'm a flutist and flute-teacher playing the saxophone. As I'm playing tenor in a big band and want to step up from my old sax (a very clumpsy one) I've decided on buying either Yanagizawa T-991 or Keilwerth Toneking Edition Tenor.

But I don't have the opportunity to try them. I would like a varm big sound combined with easily played mechanics and even scale and sound. As a flutist I'm used to a very soft approach in the fingering. That's what bothers we with my current sax, it feels like playing on an elephant on sedimentive :)

I would probably like the sound of the Toneking of what I've been told, but as I have a Yanagizawa curved soprano already, and just love the mechanics and intonation of that one, I would like to know if Keilwerth is as good. If it's clumpsy I would not buy it.

Hope to get some opinions about this!
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