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Yani Stencils - whats the "real deal"

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I'm looking to buy a soprano, mainly to figure whether it is something for me and also to play it (or give it to someone else i trust) to play in a group(quartett +guitar/piano).

I don't have too much money to spend and I'm looking for a used horn, that is rather easy to play intonationwise and has a good resale value (just in case!).

So I searched the forums and figured the Vito S-6 stencils are great.
But how to fugure out if its a S-6 fake? I know it has to look like a MKVI and has these scary palmkeys and no front F. Also I sometimes read things about some of these are japanese or taiwanese.

Can anyone sort this out for me please?!

Are there any alternatives? I want to buy a straight not a curved one, and no taiwanese brands like kessler or antigua or sugal or whatever^^


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I like my B&S soprano, it's got a really nice sound
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