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Yani Stencils - whats the "real deal"

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I'm looking to buy a soprano, mainly to figure whether it is something for me and also to play it (or give it to someone else i trust) to play in a group(quartett +guitar/piano).

I don't have too much money to spend and I'm looking for a used horn, that is rather easy to play intonationwise and has a good resale value (just in case!).

So I searched the forums and figured the Vito S-6 stencils are great.
But how to fugure out if its a S-6 fake? I know it has to look like a MKVI and has these scary palmkeys and no front F. Also I sometimes read things about some of these are japanese or taiwanese.

Can anyone sort this out for me please?!

Are there any alternatives? I want to buy a straight not a curved one, and no taiwanese brands like kessler or antigua or sugal or whatever^^


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As far as I know, Yana never owned the Martin name. Leblanc owned it and used the Yanas for Soprano and Baris. There are some really nice curved Martins that are Yanas. These have the Martin name inside an oval. The other yana made sopranos and baris are Whitehall.
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