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Yani necks

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Anyone know where to get Yanagisawa soprano necks? I'd like a curved silver one...
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i got mine there i have a baritone solid silver and a sop solid silver. What a diference, who thought the perfect horn could get better.

Just my 2 cents
I should clarify...any US dealers? The dollar is too weak vs. the pound right now...
I purchased my aftermarket Yani tenor neck from Kessler's music. Give Dave a call.
I think Dave Kessler can get them for you. a bronze neck for both my alto and tenor from Dave. He'll hook you up!
Didn't Kessler use to have a SOTW discount on his (sax) necks?
Perry, I was considering getting a bronze neck one day for my 991 tenor. Was it worth the extra money, make any difference, can you describe the tonal effect with the bronze vs. the stock?

Leon...initially (in the shop), I didn't like it because it seemed to be a bit less focused than the brass neck. However, I decided to try it as I was having Dave order a brass replacement neck (don't ask how my old brass neck got bent!) and I didn't want to be without a horn while I was waiting for it. Once I got the bronze neck home and really spent some time playing on it, I really began to dig the slightly darker and richer (more vintage) sound......especially in the lower register! Also, I noticed that I seemed to be able to put a bit more air through the horn, which I like! When my brass neck finally came in, I tried it once or twice..after that, it's been sitting in my instrument closet ever since! I had a similar experience with the alto neck though not as pronounced as on tenor!
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