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Yani bari pad & reso recommendations for more volume?

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I've been playing a Yani 900 bari for about 6 months lately - and once I adjusted to the horn (from my The Martin) I really enjoy playing this horn - great ergos - very good intonation -and slick keywork.

I'm just wondering how I can get a bit more volume. I'm already playing on a metal Runyon Quantum 8 - which seems to play stellar on any bari with either a good reed or fibracell on it.

What if I redid the horn with black roo pads and flat metal reso? Besides looking great - would it make a volume difference?

I've heard lots of noise about the resotech resonators - are they worth the $?

I've always put large flat metal resos on my horns & always been happy with the sound and response (even on my Martins). This bari has the original pads and stock size plastic resonators - and am wondering if the upgrade would make a difference?

The horn doesn't need a repad of course. It's airtight and playing wonderful - just looking for a bit more volume for some big band work.

It's not like I'm good at leaving well enough alone either.....:twisted:

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I'd suggest leaving the horn alone and concentrate your changes in the mouthpiece area. Try a Runyon Custom Spoiler #10 with a Rico Plasticover #2.5 reed. Try it with and without the spoiler. These are Delrin mouthpieces, not metal. If you really like metal, maybe a Dukoff M9 would do the trick. I play a rubber Berg 130/1 for solo bari work but go to a smoother, quieter old-style Brilhart Level Air for sax section. This piece also has the biggest, boomiest low end, but doesn't project like the rubber Berg.
My 991 seemed quiet at first, but keep in mind that it is much more focused than a vintage American horn. Out front you may be louder than you think. I use a Yani metal or a Lamberson 7M generally, but even with a Link STM, I can overpower most unamplified settings and be clearly heard in a big band at full song. Work on long tones, breath control, and play the MPC that gives you the sound and response you want...they should all give adequate volume
Thanks for the replies guys.

Long story short - I have a mental Runyon Quantum that improved things - but I found an RPC that really lit this horn up.

Glad I didn't pull apart the horn just to replace pads & resos - I've done some adjustments and it's playing so well I really don't want to mess with it at this point-
I agree with the comments. Changing pads/resos etc. is a waste of time . Modern low A bari's are more focused the sound is more 'compressed' than vintage low Bb horns. You are missing the 'spread' of the Martin sound. Personally I prefer the-- or did-- bari's without low A but, we have to move with the times.
I dont play Baritone anymore --too much carriage, Bari, alto, flute, 2 sets of stands-- it's a killer!
A good mpc piece with very good projection and tone is the RPC 110b I play on a's got some nice bite to it and yet you can back off and it can play fairly sweet sounding. You won't like a dukoff, too bright and uncontrollable in the upper register on a modern yani. I've found the Dukoff d8 I had sounded great on a a King super 20 bari but made my yani sound like a buzz saw.
volume is more a function of player, mouthpiece, and reed. An example of the player component: I occaisionally sub in a local big band - the regular bari player has the same instrument that I do. She plays on the Yani mouthpiece, I play on a B75. They play the Under My Skin arrangement that has the bari solo at the beginning - they mic her, and turn it off for me.
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