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Yani 901 Bari Problem

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Last week at a concert my bari played great in concert band, in the break between concert band and jazz band performances I put it back in the case, when I took it out and put my Runyon metal quantum on for jazz band it would not play A or B in the lower register, it would try to jump to the upper register like the octive key was pressed. I put the stock mouthpiece/reed combination back on and it was better but I still had to control it with air and emboucher. I looked it over and saw no pads that were out of alignment and checked to see if something was in the horn. I bought this horn new in 2000 and has been really great, I presume it is an air leak somewhere, anybody have any ideas? Thanks for the help
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Something's leaking. First thing I'd check is the set screw over G# (actually the little lever next to it). Make sure G# isn't opening slightly when you press the left hand table (Bb,B, and C#). If it is adjust the set screw so that G# remains firmly closed when you hit the LH table. If that's not the problem then check the octave vents, make sure they're operating properly. Also maybe eyeball the LH palm key pads. Sometimes crud can build up on the pads (especially F) and cause a leak.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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