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Has anyone measured the specs on either the Yamaha Custom 875EX alto body tube or those of the new WO Yani altos?

I'm especially interested in measurements from factory condition horns of the following:
-bore circumference at the top of the tube joining the neck tenon
-bore circumference at the bottom of the tube joing the bow elbow
-bore circumference in the center of the tube between g# and f# tone holes
-length of tube

These numbers will be interesting to compare between these alto sax designs.

I've heard a reputable technician say that the Yamaha 875 Custom alto body tube has very close dimensions to the Yani 9XX or WO altos at the top of the body tube. The tech wasn't specific if he was referring to bore circumference or taper/flare or what.

Any and all info on any of your measurements will be interesting!
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