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Yanagisawa T880 Value

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Cant really get a value anywhere

Any ideas on what it would sell for? In original box and in very good condition, plays very well and pads are in good condition.
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As usual there is variation on the value depending on in which country and if acquired by a private sales or from a shop.

In the NL this would be worth between €1500 to 2000
Yeah in the small amount of adverts the price has massively varied. I understand this is quite a sought after instrument.
I agree with others, a very good instrument but there is nothing to this particular model that has made a " cult" of it. It's a very good usable instrument but it is not so that there is a mob of people seeking them scouring the internet to find them ( by the way the models with a µ are even less common and offer a little extra special parts) . It's a good professional instrument but in the range where there are many, all different and all with their group of followers.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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