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Yanagisawa Metal mpc

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Hi to all!
around in the forum I' haven't find many threads about the yani metal mpcs, and I would like to ask you what do you think about it, the square chamber, the wide camera, and what kind of experieces do you have had with those pieces.
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Anyways the unmodified Yani's are a little harsh. These are some pictures of the bore and throat of a couple of yani's that have had the throat smoothed out and rounded for a warmer response.

This is a new Yani tenor piece that I scooped out the throat and rounded the edges leading into the bore. I could do a little more work removing the drop off on the side walls and chamber to make a smoother transition into the bore, but I'm kind of lazy.

Now this is an older Yani tenor. Notice how the chamber doesn't have a drop off leading into the bore like you current unmodified yani. This takes some work to accomplish, but it's very much worth it. This piece could be considered a poor mans guardala in it's current condition. It plays very well and has a fat response with easy altissimo. A great piece for playing live and needing to be heard, but also wanting to retain a nice tone.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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