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The Yani T880 tenor I owned until recently was a very nice horn. One thing I noticed about it was the angle of the bell. It pointed out to the left quite a bit. Like older horns often do. Most modern horns seem to have more a forward-pointing bell.

I have 2 questions for you Yanaphiles.

1. Is my last sentence true?
2. Do other newer Yanis have forward-pointing bells? Their current models, say.

Just curious...

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Just compared a T880 and a T992 here in my studio. The T880 points almost straight ahead and the T992 points off to the right. The rotation difference is pronounced (at least five degrees) between the two.

Note in the descriptions, however, that different people place the necks in different spots, so one man's straight ahead could be another's 'hang left'. My comparison at least tells you the difference between them...the T880 is 'left of center'...
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