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Yanagisawa A992, why not?

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Alright, sorry for a post but I need an answer. I've been looking at Yamaha alto saxophones for classical playing (as some of you know already) and I'm planning to test out, when I go to the store, all of their 62II's, 875's, and 875EX's.


One saxophone that keeps turning up is the Yanagisawa A992. I feel like I should give it a shot. Especially because it isn't much more expansive than the 875EX, which is as high as I'll go.

The catch? I don't know anything about this brand, horn, or anything. I just read a pretty interested "Title Fight" (compliments of Saxoholic) and now kinda want to give it a fair shot.

First of all,

Is it good for classical? Do legit players play it?? I really know nothing about it, and when I do go to test all of the horns out it will probably be a "last resort" due to my ignorance with respect to the horn, and the fact that it is the most expensive.

Am I'm safe looking at this horn? Or should I stay away due to my lack of experience with the brand and such.

Thank you!!
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Yanagisawa make excellent quality saxes. They have been around since 1954, and lately their quality has been top notch. Peter King plays one, and I think that's a good enough testament of their quality. :)
Try it out why not. Back when I was looking for a new horn many many years ago I went into the store PLANNING on buying either a selmer or a yamaha. I ended up just trying out a keilwerth for S's and G's and I was absolutely in love with it.

I play a 992 curved soprano by Yanagisawa and I couldn't ask for it to be any better of a horn.
of course try it.

Im a huge fan of the bronze yanis as you can see by my instrument setup below. Im currently saving/looking for a A992. I love the purity of tone and fantastic evenness of the horns.
I find the bronze yanis the best choice for classical.

Classical Yani players- Arno Bornkamp Soprano, Neils (alto player from Aurelia) solid silver alto, Andres dutch player see youtube bronze alto. Michat (lyon Conservatoire) is the Yani classical European endorsee.

With a list like that they should be one of the first choices for Classical players.

Dont forget some of the Dinant Finalists were on Yanis and they were students of Claude.

Just my 2 cents
you should get the pink gold Yanagisawa

Yanis are really good Saxos, I would like to see how good the A9937 is one day though, those things look beautiful.
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BlueLight said:
you should get the pink gold Yanagisawa
LOVE the colour. Makes a great looking spitoon. :D
I have played an A992PG and it was one of the best horns I have ever tried. A student at UMN had one while I was there (she was Japanese); Such an even sound!!!

Steve P
Steve P said:
I have played an A992PG and it was one of the best horns I have ever tried. A student at UMN had one while I was there (she was Japanese); Such an even sound!!!

Steve P
Wow! I didn't know you could even speak of other horns besides Yamaha's Steve! :D
Definitely give it a blow! There are plenty of rave reviews on the site, and there is even one posted by saxoholic ( ). And if it is out of your price range, try out the 991, also. I think that is a little cheaper.
Haha. You would think so right?! I love Yamaha horns. For me, nothing is better. But I have no problem saying that there are other fantastic horns out there!!

Steve P
Steve P, are you forgetting the infamous quartet rehearsal? I believe you "never sounded better" , the brand of saxophone will, of couse, remain nameless to protect your reputation;)
That was a fluke. It was the magic reed I had, Young651. Plus, that was prior to getting my EX. I've never sounded better!!!!!

Steve P
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