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Yanagisawa A990 Vs. A990u

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thehighend said:
The Greek letter 'mu' designation (i.e., what you referred to as "u" in the model #) is unknown to most people. My understanding (but I'm kind of guessing) is that Yanagisawa uses this designation when they update a model, but not sufficiently to warrant an entirely new model #.
For example, I once owned a 990u tenor, which seemed to be a model newer than a 990 but was made before the 991 model name was introduced.
So the 990u is an updated version of the 990, but not quite the 991?

In that case, should a 990u be worth more than a 990 consider that they have the same condition?

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The 990u has some toneholes that were placed differently to improve intonation. It looks like the 991 further refined the placement.
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