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Yanagisawa A-4 or Keilwerth ST90

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My younger brother has recently gotten in to playing on one of my saxes and we (the rest of his family) are looking in to getting his own alto sax, the ones I’ve found in my price range I think are good, but I’m curious to see what you guys think of them or think would be best for him to start out with, and hopefully grow with

Keilwerth ST90 (unknown serial)
Keilwerth ST90 Series IV
Selmer Soloist
Selmer Omega
Yanagisawa A-4
Yamaha (various models, 23, 26, 52, 475, 280)
Kessler intermediate
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The JK Series IV happens to be the cheaper option I'm looking at, and it appears to be in good shape, that might be the way I swing, what can you tell me about it as far as durability and sound, intonation etc goes
ST 90 IV is cheaper because it was made in Taiwan by Jupiter.

Nothing wrong with that until, one day probably soon, you are going to sell your horn.

Buy the T4 or the ST 90
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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