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Yana T901 v. Yama 82z

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Has anybody compared a T901 with a 82z? What differences did you notice in tone and feel. I'm going to try and find a place to try both out, but would be interested in any observations from someone who has tried both. Thanks.
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I've owned both. The Yani is a nice tenor for the money and plays effortlessly with wonderul intonation and tone, however, lacks the depth found on some of the other Yani tenors. But for price, you can't beat it. The Yamaha Z tenor on the other hand is at another level. It has a richer, fatter, deeper, more powerful resonant sound. Keep in mind there is a price difference. The Z will cost you more. I would stongly recommend the Silver Plated version. It is truly unbelievable, richer and more powerful than the lacquered version and simply effortless to play from top to bottom. The Silver Z is one of the best tenors out there from my experience, very MK VI like. Yamaha really did it with this tenor.
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