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There website has no listing for the 361 and the 461 , can anyone tell me what the features are on these ,do they have the split E , I think there both closed hole with offset G.
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The listings are available here:,00.html

They do not seem to have a split E. Also, they are both open hole, not closed.

Based on Yamaha's numbering system the ones with a split E have a "7" as the second digit. For example, the 574 has a split E.

Their U.S. site does not seem to have any lower-end flutes with a split E option, but they are available internationally. Do a google search for "yamaha 371" and you'll find lots.
The 361= Open hole, offset G, silver head, no split E. The 361H has a low B foot.
The second digit indicates the configuration of keys and mechanism.

"6" means ring keys, offset G, and no split E.
"1" means covered keys, offset G, and split E. (my choice)
"2" means covered keys, offset G, and no split E.
"7" means ring keys, off-set G, and split E.
"8" means ring keys, in-line G, and no split E

The combination of in-line with split E, seems not to be included, supposedly because it tends to be mechanically unreliable.
I have noticed on the .jp Yamaha webpages that they have plateau models all the way up into the 900 series...both 91x and 92x...seems they are more sensible over there about flutes.
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