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Do YOU, in your opinion, think there is much difference between the 82 series and the 62 series?
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the keywork and body tube, bow and bell are the same except for the alloy. the 82 has real mother of pearl key touches and does have a warmer sound. especially at the low and high extremes of the horn. the 82 Z has a darker lacquer and two piece hydroformed bell. the body, neck,bell and bow have been annealed. the G-1 neck is handmade.french brass body, bell, bow and neck.yellow brass keywork.much more engraving on bell.

on the 62 the body, neck and bell have been annealed. polyester keytouches. G-1 neck is machine made. Yellow brass throughout.slightly different rod screws.

I sold my 62 and bought an 82Z and really can tell the difference in sound quality.the other sax players in the band could tell the sound difference before I told them i had a new sax.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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