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My experience with the 32 is it has a sweet sound and is not shrill by any means. I found it easy to play with a good level of control....including soft dynamic levels.

Common sense tells me that a more expensive wood piccolo will have a better quality of sound than a student-level instrument like the 32. Never the less, I've been impressed with the quality of the Yamaha "student" instruments I've played. Depending upon the kind of ensembles you perform in and the gigs you do, it might make sense to have some Yamaha student instruments in your doubles along with higher quality ones. For example, the Yamaha 221 II bass clarinet is perfectly fine for any big band gig I do. It has a beautiful warm rich sound and is rugged. Whereas, I think a Buffet 1193 would be over-kill for big band playing. So, for me, it's a matter of seeing how high-end I need to go and have it make sense.

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