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Hey all,
I'm super excited to finally dive into the doubling world, and I've found a decent enough clarinet on Craigslist.
You see, I was searching around Craigslist and Reverb for a Yamaha YCL-250, because based on some posts I've read here, and other articles, they work well enough for doubling. I found a post on my local Craigslist advertising a "Yamaha Student Clarinet." I immediately assumed it was a 250, as I didn't know that there were older series of student clarinets from Yamaha.

Anyways, is the YCL-26 a good enough horn? I'm not doubling professionally, only in my school band and my local band. I'm doing research on mouthpieces, I've got a budget around $300 for a mouthpiece. Does anybody know much about the 26?

Also, the seller is asking $185 for the horn. I'm hoping to get that price down to $170 or so. The horn has apparently been in storage for 2 years. I just would like to ensure I'm getting a good enough deal. Is there anything specific I should look for on the horn? I'm visiting with the seller on Saturday.

Any comments and recommendations would be appreciated. I have no idea what I'm doing!
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