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Up for the taking a freshly-serviced YAS 23, Japan, Alto sax. This one came in a s part of a buy-trade so I am turning her fast, thus the low price.

...very good shape, original lacquer 75-80%.

Given the go-thru:

Chem bathed
Hand Polished
Holes leveled
Removal of a few minor dents
5 new pads installed (the rest have a lot of life left in 'em and are sealing well)
Some new corks and felts
Keys swedged
Rods lubed
Reassembled and regulated

In solid playing shape, speaks up and down nicely. Some lacquer wear at body tube and bow, a bit at bell, along with some typical scratches and spotting here and there...a few keys show a tad of wear to the plating; but honestly, this is being quite picky and we mention for full representation - all in all, a fairly attractive horn.

Body in great geometry, keywork is free and snappy. Rollers free.

She blows nicely, intonation is good, all in all a fun horn to play.

The Eb keyguard is not original, but rather a replacement. Fits well, looks good, functions perfectly.

Comes with original case in good structural shape, some exterior wear.

Ships from NM

$351 plus ship Paypal, $330 plus ship Paypal Friends/Family method.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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