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Hi all,

I have a great Yamaha YAS-21 that I currently use for my college marching band. A while back, the little nub that connects the side-C key to the key joint snapped off and, since the YAS-21 was such an early model, parts are few and far between. I previously posted on this forum to demonstrate a modification that I made to another side-C key to make it fit my horn, however that part ended up breaking off as well.

Does anyone know of good sources for YAS-21 parts that might be worth checking out? I've called some local music stores and it seems that they want to keep their scrap horns to do work for their own customers (completely understandable). Any help would be much appreciated!

P.S. I bounce between the Bay Area and Los Angeles in CA if that is relevant.

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That's a tall order. Even if you could find a YAS-21 "parts horn" it would still probably cost you about $200. Do you still have the original C key that the prong broke off? If so, I could repair that one for you to look like new. Send me a pm if you are interested.

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I once transplanted a YAS 23 side key assembly onto a 21...because those nibs were unavailable, and to boot...the 21 had lost its metal stem OFF of the keycup key itself. and 21 PARTS are unavailable nowadays (from Yamaha)....So it had no nib,. and no key stem.

I recall I had to relocate some posts or saddles, and THEN...discovered that the pivot rods of a 21 and 23.... are of different diameters.

I could see where it could be an over-$120 tech repair if one did that.

NOW...older, greyer, wiser, and poorer.....I have a tech buddy of mine with a lathe make duplicate plastic nibs using key roller stock, as he is quite adept at making key rollers.

Cost: $20 per nib. Fair price, to me.

If you have one good nib, you can provide it to a tech who makes key rollers to size, and they can whip up something close. It need NOT be a replica...but roller stock will work.
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