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Yamaha Soprano ZR vs Z

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I am about to make a decision.
The ZR,or the Z soprano silver?
I know that lots of post talks about them,here and there.
Though you guys that bought some,is the honeymoon still on with your purchase??
Also in this critical time,it will be bought on line,,so no try out.
Any thoughts on which ones?
Top pros play on straight necks,,others too,but again,,other pros prefer the R model...
I like the R ,as far as confort,,and maybe also a little more resistance,,which i like sometimes.
But a thousand dollars difference in the deal that i am looking at.
Both are like demos.
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I prefer straight soprano saxophones and I went with the Yamaha 82Z; I've been very happy with it in terms of comfort. I play using a neck strap and I've had no issues.
Glad to hear your first impression was positive!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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