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Yamaha soprano 675 curve neck?

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Allo guys
Anyone are using the curve seperate neck that usually comes with the 675?
I only have the straight one,unfortunately the store kept the curved neck pretending that there was only one neck in the case which was nt treu.
Anyways I wonder If that curve neck would be a better match and with positive effects on that soprano 675 Yamaha ?
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saxobari: Much has been posted over the years about the effect of a curved neck on straight and curved sopranos. I think a curved neck has a negative effect but others like that sound. I even use a straight neck on my curved Yanagisawa just because I much prefer the sound of a straight neck on sopranos (fixed and removable neck-designs).

I bought two after-market Yanagisawa soprano necks (both solid silver) separately off of eBay years ago. Maybe you could keep an eye out for similar Yamaha necks to test the theory. OR, if you can find a store that has a 675 in stock, maybe you could arrange to test the theory. Of course, much depends on what you want from your 675 that isn't there now. DAVE
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