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Yamaha soprano 675 curve neck?

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Allo guys
Anyone are using the curve seperate neck that usually comes with the 675?
I only have the straight one,unfortunately the store kept the curved neck pretending that there was only one neck in the case which was nt treu.
Anyways I wonder If that curve neck would be a better match and with positive effects on that soprano 675 Yamaha ?
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Allo DAve
Thanks for your post!
I agree that even for other saxes that necks can be negative!
Though I was wondering about my neck on my sop,If it was a curved one like that store should have left in it!
I ve owned a few different neck on my Serie III and the best for me was a original,that I still have on!
Though I remebered on my tenor YAmaha875 ,,the G3 If I remembeedr correctly had a better playing effect on that tenor,then that M1,,it was much more open anda better freely blowing horn with it.
So I might be after a curved Yamaha neck for my sop,If I do find one.
Thanks Dave
All the best
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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