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Yamaha Soprano 62R vs 62

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Hi everyone.
I ve scrolling for a while,and can t find what i would like to know.
I did owned a 62 Purple Lable straight neck for about 5 years,really loved it.
Then did a trade plus a tenor VI neck for this Yana Bronze 992 that i have now.
Though i have decided that i will trade again for another 62, cause i miss the core,richness sound of my old 62 .
This time,maybe i will be more afte the 62R model,since i ve never played one, and i like the curved nevk on a straight soprano.
Members who had played and owned both,can you elaborate and tell us the description of both of them?
All the best
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Hey Mario,
Hope all is well!
I've had 62's over the years and also have my mint 62R which is my main horn (sold off all my others as it's just so fantastic).
The 62's were great, classic Yamaha with great ergos and intonation as well as a brighter more modern sound however I was always striving for the core of the much earlier vintage sopranos I've had in the past (VI's, Kings, Martins, Bueschers, Conns, etc.) but with the same comfortability of the Yamaha sops. Then I found my 62R and it changed everything. On top of being super comfortable, having amazing ergos and intonation and having the neck angle which I really prefer personally, it had a much sweeter more mellow sound that echoed the vintage vibe I was after. I love it, it's the best sop I've ever had but you have the pay a pretty penny now to find them as they are getting increasingly hard to find and are very desirable right now.
Those are just my thoughts, it's different for everyone but that's just where I'm at.
Cheers and good luck with the search!
This is true. I ended up buying two of these in the past month or so and the sound and ergos are fantastic. I did sell off one and have kept the other for now. Still holding on to my Yany SCWO20, though, as I don't feel quite as comfortable on the straight soprano. Due to some sports/gym injuries, elbows and shoulders can't hold the requisite position while holding the straight sop without pain after a couple of minutes. Trying to see if there's a strap out there that will help alleviate the issue.

It's also true that you will have to pay an extra $1,000 or so (more for the pristine condition ones) for a 62R vs. what a regular 62 would cost you. The going rate seems to be $3,200 - $4,000 right now, depending on condition.

Just a heads-up, there is another SOTW member who is selling his 62R (it's been posted for awhile). Kenduku, if I'm not mistaken.
Probably not what you want to hear, but based on my own experience when I hunted for and bought my 62R's and my experience with Yanys (as I indicated earlier, I play a SCW020), you are going to have a very tough time finding someone who would be willing to trade their 62R for a 992. Your best bet would be to sell your 992 and use the proceeds (plus likely some additional cash) to buy a 62R (assuming you find one aside form the one kenduku is selling). They do pop up on eBay every once on awhile, but they are quite rare. I know that Les Arbuckle was selling his awhile ago (you can reach him through, but I'm not sure if he's already sold it.
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