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Yamaha-made Vito, YTS-21, solid, cheap !

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A Vito-branded YTS-21, given the usual treatment here:

Chem bath, soap bath, hand polish, dentwork, some pad replacement (6 of 'em)...rods cleaned and lubed, reassembled, regulated.

Orig lacq around 70-75%, some typical scratches and spotting and some areas of bare brass here and there.

The remaining pads are still doing their job just fine (which is of course why I left 'em in), but the are on the further side of half-life than the nearer side. If you like, I can go full repad on her for another $75, but again, I wouldn't say it is 'needed'.

We rolled out some dents at the bow and got it in nice geometry...a tad of waviness and a few small dings remain down there. Likewise, the bell lip had some creases which we removed, got it back in nice geometry but if one cares to look very closely there is a bit of waviness in a couple of spots; as well as some lacq loss near the lip.
Lastly the neck saddle needed a resolder (which was strange because usually when we gotta do that it's because the neck took a shot...but the neck arrived here looking quite good, actually, no pulldown, no impactions, just some lacq wear.

As usual, I am being super-picky here in the description...really, she doesn't look 'bad' at all and plays up and down nicely.

Original case in fair but structurally sound, usable shape included.

$379 Paypal, USPS Money Order, or bank cashier check. $359 Paypal F&F. Plus shipping.

That's cheaper than what I usually sell an Alto version of this horn for.

US and Canada only, please.


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