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Yamaha Custom Soprano Neck ???

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I got this custom sop the other day and I noticed the neck custom logo is an all gold "C" (the older ones were black inlay around the Yamaha logo). The necks are M1 and M1R ...I'm just curious if this is a newer custom 875 or what? My suspicion(I didn't confirm at the store) is that this is a fairly RECENT custom soprano. Custom 875 horns are still available in Japan for purchase...they are still making them...

here are pics...
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These are the Japan issue octave keys with the 'C'. I have one on my newly acquired 875 which I bought here on SOTW from a Japan based player. These mean nothing as to when the horn was made; it could be recent, or it could be older.

As for 875's being produced in Japan, it is my understanding that they still make the 875 alto in addition to the EX, but that is it; no sopranos.... ?

Steve P
And especially given the brown case, it was probably made at least 4 years ago. After that they changed to the slim, black case found on all Yamaha horns today.

Sorry for two posts.
Steve P
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