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Having to be careful of my hands, wrists, and shoulders when I play flute (I'm of that age), I'm always keep my eyes open for something that can help me play flute and not hurt.

A few days ago I noticed a Yamaha curved neck joint in the new WWBW catalog. This may be a new product...don't remember seeing it advertized before. The curved neck joint comes in a case that fits over most flute cases. It's advertized as being for student flutes. The cost seemed reasonable (bit more than $100). So, I sprung for it.

The curved neck arrived yesterday. It had a loose fit in my older Yamaha 26S flute. However, I took the neck and my flute to my repair tech and she quickly fixed the neck to have a perfect fit on my flute. She also recommended that I use the curved neck above the body of the flute (like playing a bass flute) rather than have the neck on the side. Having the neck on the side makes the flute want to roll over. It's much easier having the curved neck above.

First impressions are this is a HUGE HELP to me! With the curved neck my wrists are straighter and my right arm is in-close to my body. It's the most comfortable I've ever been playing flute.

The quality of tone is very good with this head joint....perhaps even better than the original one with the 26S model.

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