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Does anyone know where to get a case cover for a Yamaha 82Z soprano case? Does BAM make a special Light (Selmer) or Trekking case for the Yamaha 82ZR (bent neck) soprano?
I have a Yamaha YSS-62R, wich is a one piece straight-curved neck soprano I purchased in early 90's.

I just had the opportunity to check a Selmer Light Case for soprano (wich is made by Bam...) and it fits perfectly. So does the Trekking model by Bam.

In the next days I will buy the Selmer Light Case, I prefer it to the Bam Trekking, is smaller and lighter, with identical protection (although it has not so much storage place).

I don't think the Yamaha 82Z is much different in shape than the earlier model 62R, they are both 'new soprano' models (in opposition to Selmer Mark VI, wich is an old soprano design), so I'm quite shure your 82ZR soprano will fit any of the two cases I mentioned.

I hope that info will be useful to you, despite is and old thread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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