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"@ Carbs: I'm in the Bachelors of Science, Information Technology (BSIT) program of study. Yes, I'm about 25 years older than the oldest class member (currently). Unfortunately, the school I'm attending did not allow me to transfer all my credits and "work experience". Essentially, I "have to" be in their classes for two years. So far, I've had the ability to teach two of three classes. I think I'm going to be fairly bored until I get to one of the programming classes. Then I'll be bored, not because I already know more than the instructor, but because coding gives me a headache (no offense to the programmers out there; it's just not for me)."

For one who re-trained as a programmer aged a mere 32, I can sympathise ..... why, may I ask are you putting yourself through this? (BSIT looks alarmingly close to B*LLS*IT :D )
Best of luck, anyway.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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