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WT Case for 10m tenor

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Anyone have suggestions for a case that will fit my 62 Conn?
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The problem is the left hand bell keys...Pro-Tecs and Berkeleys will work...
Also try a Gator light case, these fit the Conn alto and tenors. They also fit Martin saxes with Left hand or split Bell keys.
Hiscox if you can find one.
SKBs work ok..
The Hiscox does indeed work well. The SKB needs to be modified internally to fit the conn tenor LH Bell keys. The Gator is the cheaper option, the Hiscox is the most solid option for a 10M.
I have a Vintage Conn Case. $100. It will fit your 10M.
In case you were wondering

I just scrolled down here to talk up my new case and noticed your post.After forty some odd years it's time to retire my Conn's original case and had the same problem finding a compatible new case. After a bit of shopping and try outs I've just gotten a Pro Tec contoured pro pac. Nice big fluffy pillow for the left side bell keys to lie on and the case fits the horn like it was made for it,firmly with no movement but no key bending pressure anywhere.The only bit not perfect is the form fit pocket for the neck, it's firm padded on the bottom shaped for a over top octave key . It still fits,so that's just a niggle. The case itself looks like a gig bag with nylon pockets on the outside for your extraneous stuff ( repair kit,metronome, reed holder,tuner,yadda,yadda) and clip on straps so you can wear it like a back pack ( I've always envied guitar players this feature ). The case is good and solid, seems to be form fit ABS sides and wood top and bottom ( so the salesman claims). Whatever, I gave a few good raps and it seems pretty solid to me.I'm pretty happy with it and having compared it to Gator and SKB cases feel I got the best case with no compromises at the cheapest price. Check it out, I think you'll be happy too.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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