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Would someone measure their short shank Soloist mouthpiece?

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Would someone here please do me a favor and measure the length of a vintage short-shank tenor Soloist? I recently bought (supposedly) a tenor Soloist, but it seems so small. I am afraid it is actually an alto piece. Thanks! :)
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Tenor SS 100.8 mm
Alto SS 87.2 mm

Bari LS 132.1 (Still looking for the elusive SS Bari)
Thanks so much everyone for your help. The results are in… I got sold an alto piece that was described as tenor! (87.8mm from top to bottom). Too late to send it back. Funny that it fit on my tenor neck. It'll go up for sale on eBay soon (has the original ligature and cap).
Thanks for giving me a reason to pull these out. (Tenor/Alto)
Those are really clean Joe.

Maybe you got sent a tenor piece?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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