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Would Maurice Boiste be a stencil of SML?

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Certain eminent specialists (Farina_man, AhCheung) point out me that my sax tenor Marcel Boiste would be rather of invoice SML probably stencil of the prestigious mark.

Qui lo sa ??

New photos after révision:
(in double clicking on a photograph one can download it)
And :

Compare with models SML presented by Saxpics:
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hmmm....-not sure what brand it might be, nut it doesn't look like an sml to me.. never seen a microtuner on sml or any letters in sml's serialnumbers before, and I think it's probably too fancy to be an sml....-something just doesnt feel right...
I would be more inclined to guess Pierret, and research Saxpics section there - though it appears many of the photo's are not working during the server transition of that site.

Please let us know what you find, and best of luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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