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Looking for an obscure/out of print book? Two resources should prove very helpful to those in the U.S. - I can't speak for other countries.

Worldcat is an online catalog that merges catalog listings from numerous libraries. If one of the libraries whose catalog is included has the item, it should show up in a search here. So, for example, I'm able to find three music instruction and study books by Rudy Wiedoeft: Secret of Staccato, Advanced Etudes and Studies, and Complete Modern Method.

This site can also give you an idea how rare the item is based on the number of libraries that own it.

Having located the item, you may be able to obtain a copy through interlibrary loan if your usual library does not own it. This service is available through most libraries, I believe, both university and free public. It works very well, at least it does for me, using the Chicago Public Library which has not always proven to be a model of efficiency. I recently requested three items through interlibrary loan and had all three of them within a week. Note that most items will not be available for renewal, so you'll want to request them when you are ready to use them. The service is typically free. You'll want to gather the author, publisher, title, date of publication, edition, and so on prior to requesting the item. The interlibrary loan people actually do the work tracking down a copy for you.

I know this is probably old hat to some on the forum, but I believe there are others who might benefit from this information.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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